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What is it about the kitchen that makes it the heart of the home? Whether it’s the dinner simmering on the stove or the aroma of rolls baking in the oven, the kitchen is a gathering place for all members of the family—the place where everyone can reconnect and spend time together.

At Hampton Flooring Center, we think a beautiful kitchen is well worth the investment. After all, it’s one of the most important places in the home—and your flooring should reflect this! If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, consider these beautiful wood looks to add coziness and timeless beauty. Keep in mind that you’ll want to first take into consideration your tastes as well as your goals. Have samples of your paint color, cabinet finish, and countertops to create a cohesive design.

Engineered Hardwood

With hardwood, you’ll notice that long, wide planks are currently very trendy. Engineered hardwood in particular is well-suited for kitchens, as it features a durable core and has enhanced moisture resistance. Consider Argonne Forest Oak in Tapestry by Shaw for a natural, contemporary look featuring wire-brushed texturing that will complement almost any color scheme. For something more traditional and more elegant, you might prefer something more like Gramercy Park in Rockefeller.

Waterproof Wood Look

If you’re looking for the ultimate in performance, luxury vinyl flooring is a high-tech, affordable solution. Because luxury vinyl consists of a waterproof core, spills and splashes are of no concern, making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms alike. For a contemporary look featuring multi-hued planks, consider something similar to Goliath Plus in Light Oak from Shaw. For something more traditional, you would prefer Awaken HD+ Accent in Vintage Leather. There are so many options to choose from!

Adding an Area Rug

To round out the space and protect your new flooring, consider adding area rugs from our online . A runner by the kitchen sink will protect your floors and a rug underneath the kitchen table provides comfort.

Feeling inspired but don’t know where to start? Designing a beautiful kitchen doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimating. At Hampton Flooring Center in Easthampton, MA, we’re here to help make the process simple and fun. Visit our showroom or contact us today to get started!

Style Name URL
Anderson Tuftex
MT099 Explorer 
MT224 Wanderer 
MT225 Wayfarer 
MT222 Ario 
MT223 Diego 
MT219 Monarch 
MT095 San Lucas 
COREtec Stone
VV564 COREtec Stone Polished 12 x 24 
VV578 COREtec Stone Polished 18 x 24 
VV566 COREtec Stone Matte 12 x 24 
VV567 COREtec Stone Matte 18 x 24 
VV568 COREtec Stone Matte 18 x 36 
VV569 COREtec Stone Matte 6 x 48 
COREtec Colorwall
Pure Serenity
Timeless Luxury
Stylish Comfort
Casual Charm
Shaw Floorté Hardwood
Shaw Floorté LVT
Awaken HD Plus Milled 
Awaken HD Plus Accent 
Adventure XL HD Plus Accent 
Adventure XL HD Plus Milled 
Adventure HD Plus Accent 
Adventure HD Plus Milled 
Shaw Floors Colorwall
Find Your Comfort NS I
Find Your Comfort NS II
Find Your Comfort NS Blue
Find Your Comfort TT I
Find Your Comfort TT II
Find Your Comfort TT Blue
Find Your Find Your Comfort TA I
Find Your Comfort TA II
Find Your Comfort TA Blue
Creating Memories
Creating Memories Blue
Making Memories
Making Memories Blue
Warm Memories
Warm Memories Blue