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Life is messy. We get it. Whether you have a house full of kids, furry friends, or both, the team at Hampton Flooring Center showroom in Easthampton, MA understands that you need carpet and flooring that stands up to the demands of your hectic lifestyle. This is why leading flooring manufacturers have created innovative, resilient waterproof flooring solutions just for homes like yours. Instead of worrying about spills, you can rest easy knowing that your floor is made to perform.

Chances are, you’ve had to experience a few of the following:

• Kids or pets running across the floor with muddy shoes or paws.
• Washing dishes following last night’s dinner party.
• Spilled glasses of milk.
• Shaking off wet umbrellas.
• Thirsty pets lapping up water.
• Burst water balloons.
• Summer water gun fights.
• School science projects gone wrong.

Truly, the list is endless!

While many of these moments are laughable and come with the territory of having an active family, when an accident happens on your beautiful new flooring, the laughing stops and panic ensues. Will your floors be ruined? How do you clean up the accident without harming the floor? How long has that spill been sitting there? Worry no more!

Floorte by Shaw Floors is luxury vinyl, or resilient flooring, that utilizes specialized high-definition printing to create beautiful visuals that look exactly like real hardwood or tile floors. Plus, the FOLD N TAP locking system makes installation a breeze. Because Floorte is waterproof, you can even install it in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and basements. Floorte comes in many unique styles that feature different texture and wear layer options.

COREtec, also luxury vinyl flooring, boasts a patented core that makes it 100% waterproof, kid-proof, and pet-proof. The planks won’t warp or buckle no matter how wet they get. While the quality and construction of the planks are important, COREtec is also stylish with authentic wood and stone planks and tiles that create a stunning space.

Are you ready to stop stressing and worrying about the durability and performance of your floors- and select waterproof floors for the win? If so, the team at Hampton Flooring Center showroom in Easthampton, MA is here to help with our expansive inventory and expert team. Just give us a call or visit us! Now, fill up those water balloons and enjoy the season!

Style Name URL
Anderson Tuftex
MT099 Explorer 
MT224 Wanderer 
MT225 Wayfarer 
MT222 Ario 
MT223 Diego 
MT219 Monarch 
MT095 San Lucas 
COREtec Stone
VV564 COREtec Stone Polished 12 x 24 
VV578 COREtec Stone Polished 18 x 24 
VV566 COREtec Stone Matte 12 x 24 
VV567 COREtec Stone Matte 18 x 24 
VV568 COREtec Stone Matte 18 x 36 
VV569 COREtec Stone Matte 6 x 48 
COREtec Colorwall
Pure Serenity
Timeless Luxury
Stylish Comfort
Casual Charm
Shaw Floorté Hardwood
Shaw Floorté LVT
Awaken HD Plus Milled 
Awaken HD Plus Accent 
Adventure XL HD Plus Accent 
Adventure XL HD Plus Milled 
Adventure HD Plus Accent 
Adventure HD Plus Milled 
Shaw Floors Colorwall
Find Your Comfort NS I
Find Your Comfort NS II
Find Your Comfort NS Blue
Find Your Comfort TT I
Find Your Comfort TT II
Find Your Comfort TT Blue
Find Your Find Your Comfort TA I
Find Your Comfort TA II
Find Your Comfort TA Blue
Creating Memories
Creating Memories Blue
Making Memories
Making Memories Blue
Warm Memories
Warm Memories Blue