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Vinyl Care & Maintenance

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Keep your vinyl in top shape for years to come!

Keep premature wear at bay by following a proper care and maintenance routine. Use specialized cleaning products to get the most out of your vinyl floors to ensure they look as good down the line as they did when they were first installed. Remember, a little preventative care goes a long way!

Caring for vinyl flooring

Make regular maintenance a part of your frequent cleaning routine! For daily upkeep, simply sweep, mop, or vacuum your flooring as needed. Consider using floor protectors with heavy furniture to prevent scratching, and place doormats at entryways to capture dirt before it winds up on your floors. If your vinyl flooring needs more than a regular surface clean, use a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution and follow their guidelines.

When it comes to those common household spills, carefully wipe with a cloth. Once dried, follow up with a manufacturer-approved hard surface floor cleaner. For tougher household messes like wax, gum, or nail polish, consult with your manufacturer's guidelines for approved stain removal tips.

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