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When the flowers start to bloom and the temperatures start to rise, we know spring is on its way! Why not bring this same renewing energy indoors and breathe some new life into your home? After all, spring is the perfect time to freshen up your design…and your flooring! From March 2nd through April 29th, you can save up to $500 on select flooring styles, including styles from Shaw, when you sign up for your coupon from Hampton Flooring Center during our Live in Style Sale – just in time for spring!

As the days grow longer and brighter, it makes sense to let your dazzling flooring shine. No matter your aesthetic, whether modern, rustic, or contemporary, our flooring experts will help you find the perfect style that fits your fancy!

The bees won’t be the only ones buzzing this season. Visitors will surely rave over your elegant new hardwood flooring and marvel at your plush new carpeting. What better way to jumpstart your spring cleaning than to update your home with all-new flooring before the hustle and bustle of warmer months truly sets in?

So, what are you waiting for? This is a spring fling you can’t afford to miss! Sign up for your coupon now and start shopping for your new flooring from Hampton Flooring Center showroom in Easthampton, MA!

Style Name URL
Anderson Tuftex
MT099 Explorer 
MT224 Wanderer 
MT225 Wayfarer 
MT222 Ario 
MT223 Diego 
MT219 Monarch 
MT095 San Lucas 
COREtec Stone
VV564 COREtec Stone Polished 12 x 24 
VV578 COREtec Stone Polished 18 x 24 
VV566 COREtec Stone Matte 12 x 24 
VV567 COREtec Stone Matte 18 x 24 
VV568 COREtec Stone Matte 18 x 36 
VV569 COREtec Stone Matte 6 x 48 
COREtec Colorwall
Pure Serenity
Timeless Luxury
Stylish Comfort
Casual Charm
Shaw Floorté Hardwood
Shaw Floorté LVT
Awaken HD Plus Milled 
Awaken HD Plus Accent 
Adventure XL HD Plus Accent 
Adventure XL HD Plus Milled 
Adventure HD Plus Accent 
Adventure HD Plus Milled 
Shaw Floors Colorwall
Find Your Comfort NS I
Find Your Comfort NS II
Find Your Comfort NS Blue
Find Your Comfort TT I
Find Your Comfort TT II
Find Your Comfort TT Blue
Find Your Find Your Comfort TA I
Find Your Comfort TA II
Find Your Comfort TA Blue
Creating Memories
Creating Memories Blue
Making Memories
Making Memories Blue
Warm Memories
Warm Memories Blue